The Hang Out

Final SPM is over!

Tomorrow after Jia Chi’s English Literature exams over, we will be hanging out to One Utamarelax with Dionne too! Hahahahaaa! Yes! Finally get to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

. Next day .

After we pick Jia Chi from 7-eleven, we straight went to One Utama. Dionne’s mother dropped us at H&M. “Let’s find some clothes for Chi!”, She pointed H&M and all of us walked in. “Not expensive meh?”, I said. “No? It’s cheap here!” “Really? But, at KL very expensive.” “Of course expensive lah, that one is KL maah.” “…”

While Dionne is helping Jia Chi to find clothes, I went to the other direction to searched for pretty dress *Hahaahaa*. After I searched for so long, I can’t find any pretty dress out there. So, I went to search for the both of them. Found them! They headed to the changing room. While I walk to the changing room, I heard bunched of la la teen girls sitting on the sofa whispering about me, DUHH, my ear is as sharp as a knife. They definitely talks about me. How confirm am I? This is the prove, first, I acted all innocent when Dionne told me, “The color that I wanted to dye is the color that the doll have.” “Where?”, I said. “There.”, she pointed but I can’t see. Then she said “You go out and see.” So I walked out and crossed by them and they start whispering about the way I walked, like you never walk like that before as a female because all of you are la la’s’. That’s why I said, their innocent brain has shut down. While I walked in, I saw a girl


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